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Executive Coaching and Leadership Workshops for Remote Leaders 

Creating next level remote leaders

What it takes to be a leader today is phenomenal. And it’s still changing fast. Doing it from a distance takes even more.

We understand the unique challenges of leading remote and dispersed businesses. We work with fast paced remote leaders to give you the headspace, mindset and skills to elevate your leadership and build trusting remote teams that drive business growth.

No matter where your journey takes you. 

Coaching for Leaders

Executive coaching to help you confidently take your leadership to the next level, and stay there.

Workshops for Leaders

Create high trust, high performance senior teams to drive your business into the future.

Everything DiSC® for teams

Develop stronger, more effective and trusting working relationships throughout your leadership team.

Our mission is to help you lead well, from where you are.

Being a leader is magical and inspiring; creating a business vision, bringing people together and achieving results. Yet the volatility and unpredictability means there is no rule book for leaders today. And the skills that got you to where you are today won’t get you where you want to go tomorrow.

That’s where we come in. 

Your Leadership Playbook


A bite-sized leadership playbook for busy leaders, with coaching tips, tools and techniques to help you elevate your leadership. A short read to spark big thinking and fuel your leadership fire.

Get your copy, straight to your inbox, every Thursday.

What clients say

Working with Rebecca has been a joy from day one and it’s fair to say she’s has had a transformational impact on our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to any organisation looking to elevate, deepen and entrench effective leadership throughout their business.
Sales Director and COO
Coaching provides a safe space to think aloud and to give voice to your professional challenges. Rebecca helped me to articulate how I was feeling about a major change to my work context and put in place strategies to manage the change. Rebecca’s coaching style was focused, challenging and kind.
Before working with Rebecca I was in a role where I wasn’t thriving. I needed to rebuild my confidence. I struggled with knowing that I’d been great before and could do it again. I’ve now started a new role with a new employer in a new sector, and the transition has been incredibly smooth.
Senior Government Leader

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