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What clients say

Working with Rebecca has been a great experience. My biggest success is my mindset has changed. Her programme and sessions have not only broadened my perspective on my role within the business, my team and across departments but has also assisted me in adopting a flexible coaching style with my team.
Rebecca is an excellent coach who has the right balance between being able to listen to the issues you face and help you see how to deal with it through coaching. She also provides great, thought provoking material. Rebecca lives by what she preaches.
Tom B.
Before working with Rebecca I was in a role where I wasn’t happy or thriving and I needed to rebuild my confidence. I struggled with knowing that I’d been great before and could do it again. Rebecca helped me identify tangible strengths and achievements that I could emphasise in job applications and interviews. I’ve now started a new senior-level role with a new employer in a new sector, and the transition has been incredibly smooth.
Excellent coach and lovely person. Highly recommended.
Josh T.
Coaching provides a safe space to think aloud and to give voice to your professional challenges. Rebecca helped me to articulate how I was feeling about a major change to my work context. She helped me put in place strategies to manage change, based on my own understanding of my strengths. Rebecca's coaching style was focused, challenging and kind.
Absolutely great. During our coaching Rebecca really made me think and there were genuine lightbulb moments - I couldn't recommend her enough.
What would I say to about working with Rebecca? YES, YES, YES - do it!
John D.
Having faced redundancy, Rebecca really helped me to identify my strengths and to visualize how these might be transferable to another role in a different industry. This was exactly what I needed in order to focus my job search and gave me additional confidence when applying. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone considering a change of direction.
Mark W.
I’ve found Rebecca’s style of coaching and challenging to be very effective. There have been many sessions where I have had light bulb moments and learnt a lot simply by talking something through and Rebecca asking the right questions. I've learnt so much.
DO IT! It's as simple as that .... there really doesn't need to be a lot said ... you have to try it to see how and why it will affect you positively in the end. The biggest success I have had has been getting a new team to work independently and overcoming teething problems in making changes to the team. I’m a lot better at listening give advice a lot less freely and have learnt to say no more to situations where I feel my time will not be utilised for the benefit of myself or my team. I’m able to see things from different perspectives now.
Stefano C.

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