Transform your leadership team

Your leadership team is the catalyst for your culture, strategy and business results.

At the Leadership Workspace, we specialize in empowering remote leaders to thrive in their roles. Our knowledgeable approach ensures that your leadership team becomes resilient, adaptable, and highly effective in the remote landscape.

What it takes to lead today is phenomenal. Doing it from a distance takes even more.

Yet 82% of  leaders have no formal support as they move into and through leadership.

Our tailored workshops for senior level leadership teams ensure you stay ahead in today’s business landscape.

We equip high performing remote leaders with the mindset and skills to elevate their leadership and build trusting remote teams that drive business growth.

How We Help

We work with clients to create tailor made solutions on the following:

360 Feedback for Remote Leaders

Gain Strategic Insights. Elevate Leadership.

  • Facilliated 360 feedback for self-awareness and team dynamics.
  • Identify strengths, blind spots and opportunities for growth.
  • Address the challenge: Foster openness and commitment.
  • Bridge the gap: Encourage personal responsibility for team performance.

Identify collective skills for substantial leadership shifts.

Leadership Team Workshops

Tailored Workshops. Transformative Leadership. 

We deliver workshops on how to:

  • Cultivate trust, resilience, and accountability.
  • Foster cohesion through open conversations.
  • Motivate with proven coaching strategies.
  • Overcome challenges with practical, global tools.

Our workshops are personalised, responsive and impactful, for real leadership. Because being good on paper doesn’t count.

Leadership Coaching

Personalized Coaching. Elevate Impact.

  • Personal leadership coaching exactly where your leaders need it.
  • Enhance performance and confidence.
  • Improve strategic focus, tactical delivery and team dynamics.
  • Build executive leadership presence.

Consistently hailed as the most impactful professional development.

Everything DiSC®

Unlock Self-Awareness. Ignite Collaboration.

Senior team development powered by 50 years development using Everything DiSC.

  • Gain profound insights into natural leadership preferences.
  • Enhance self-awareness, understand strengths & blind spots.
  • Build a cohesive, engaged, and collaborative leadership team.

We work with clients to create tailor made solutions on the following:

What Clients Say:

I found Rebecca’s programme useful and engaging. It helped me to use the right tools when reflecting on my management style and understand where improvements could be made. I can use the learnings across a variety of areas of management to support the team and I in developing faster and further.

Working with Rebecca at the Leadership Workspace has been a joy from day one and it’s fair to say she’s has had a transformational impact on our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to any organisation looking to elevate, deepen and entrench effective leadership throughout their business.

Very knowledgeable and understanding. My management/leadership style has grown with time during the programme and I am more conscious of how some of my personality traits affect my management and conscious of sometimes doing things that may not benefit the person I am leading.

Ready to unlock the potential of your remote leadership team?

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